Who Cares About Us?

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Who Cares About Us?




The “who” in that title is the rich, the powerful and power hungry – the Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps. These are the people who travel in limousines and private aircraft. They are guarded around the clock by the best armed men and women in America. Sometimes they even live behind bullet-proof glass and walls.

Why would such people care about us?

Actually, they don’t. Except on this election day November 8, 2016. That day they care more about us than anybody ever does, outside our own family and friends. On that day we are important.

But so what? Millions of Americans will stay home that day. It won’t even occur to them that they have any power to change things in America. So we will, on that day, get the government we deserve.

A great many of us have believed that this presidential election – more than any in our history – leaves us with a poor choice. We are being asked to pick between two candidates most of us don’t like. Even more than that, I think we are being asked to chose between two candidates that aren’t very much like us. Can you imagine being friends with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? I can’t. Trump thinks it’s funny to fire people and Hillary is all but drooling to own the White House. These just aren’t two people I’d like to relax and have a beer with. I even have trouble looking at them. Hillary’s face is as phony as her ideals, and Trump scowls when anyone disagrees with him.

So, in that way it is a poor choice. A bad choice. Even a disturbing choice. We call that dilemma.

It’s sort of like you owed $1,000 in federal taxes and $1,000 in state taxes, who would you pay if you only had a thousand left in the checkbook? Dilemma. But you have to do something. Pay $500 to each. They’d both come after you for the other $500. So pay one and not the other. That works in an election because then one of them has to go away and leave us alone.

But my goodness, who do you pick?

I mean if you don’t like either of them – you wouldn’t even have a beer with them – how can you decide? Maybe vote for Hillary so we can say we had a woman president. But shouldn’t it be a woman we like, or at least is up to the job? If we’re making history it seems better we don’t pick gender over integrity. There are plenty of more qualified women around. I always liked Elizabeth Dole, and thought the Republicans should’ve chosen her instead of her husband. And when I think of Trump I see a man who’s made billions and so awfully proud of himself he can’t get over it. Since most of the rest of us never made billions we don’t have any trouble getting over him.

As little as two weeks ago I still considered not voting in this election. It was too difficult and disillusioning. In 1976, I lived in the Dominican Republic and neglected to vote. Jimmy Carter became President of the United States and made such an economic and foreign policy mess he only lasted four years, and I blamed myself. But never again. Barack Obama became President twice but my conscience is clear – I voted, and not for him.

But the 2016 choice seemed impossible to me. I simply didn’t like either Hillary or Trump. What can you do with that? The answer kept coming up – stay home on November 8 and just watch the whole fiasco on TV and forget it.

So, we went on vacation. The weather was grand, the tamaracks were golden, most of our grandchildren came and stayed a couple days. Long walks in the woods, wild ATV rides, great food, star-studded skies and warm fires on a cool evening. Hillary and Trump who? I forgot about them.

And then we came home, where there is television – filled with Hillary and Trump.

My head had cleared however, and I now saw the election differently. It wasn’t about who “I liked” at all. I still didn’t care for either one of them, but set aside those opinions – ignore Hillary’s fake Hollywood smile, Trump’s rough talk and grouchy face. Ignore “them.” Why not? I simply didn’t like them and wasn’t going to. Nevertheless, one of them was soon to be President of the United States and stand in the shoes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. And I would vote for that one, I hoped. But my decision wouldn’t be based on who I liked. It would be based solely on how I recognized truth and benefit.

We are a big nation with big dreams, but lately our crown has slipped over one eye and blinded us to the reality of our place in the world. We are not a refuge for all mankind. There isn’t enough room left here for 7 billion people. We cannot overthrow every puffed-up dictator who struts his stuff momentarily on the world stage. We can’t save everybody and they’ll be better off anyway if they do it themselves. That’s what great peoples do. Our economy cannot long survive trillions of debt, anymore than I could convince my creditors that I’ll be sure and print more money now real soon. We can no longer be patient while criminals kill our children and grandchildren if we wish to live our lives in peace. We can’t tolerate any more drugs or abortions or criminals violating our borders – not to mention our homes, that Hillary would leave defenseless, while she is surrounded by armed guards. So, the decision wasn’t really that difficult.


Oh, I still don’t like him. Wouldn’t have a beer with him.

Well, if he flew me around in one of his jets….naw.





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