The Way We Are Now

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The Way We Are Now




In the last little while I’ve written more about politics than I have since the 1980s when it was my job as an editorial page editor. The reason, of course, is obvious to all of you – Hillary and Trump. Quite the pair.

My Dad was one of those guys who said, “Never talk politics or religion!” I disagreed with him but I know why he said it – because it loses you friends and makes you enemies. It’s costly. And nothing new either. In the election of 1860, before the Civil War, an obscure country lawyer named Abraham Lincoln was running as a Republican against three Democrats – Stephen A. Douglas, John Breckinridge and John Bell. That election was fraught with worse name-calling than that between Hillary and The Donald. The Democrats called Abe an ape and even attacked his wife, Mary. They drew cartoons of him as an ape, and years later an ape holding the Emancipation Proclamation. So, politics then was the same as now.

However, if you want to see Abraham Lincoln today, you’ll find him in the Lincoln Memorial, one of the most visited and renowned sculptures in our nation’s Capital.

In America, politics is much like child birth – painful. Something we pray will soon end. A thing we wish to put behind us quickly. But we should remember that without the pain of birth, there is no child. Nothing new, fine, or innocent. I’m wondering if people in 1860, drowning in all that nasty talk and bad press, stayed home or went to the polls anyway and did their duty. Because many of those who did vote freed countless slaves, ended slavery forever and saved the Union. Only fools stayed home or voted for the status quo.

So it was then. So it is now.

This is exactly that same kind of time in history. For decades we have been fighting a civil war that is very much like the one we fought in 1861 – 1865. It’s a war against right and wrong just like that one. Some people thought slavery was necessary, even just. Others believed in more Biblical principles of freedom for all, regardless of race or circumstance. And today you can travel to the old battlefields and view the graves of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who decided this issue by close combat. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that now, but it is leaning precariously in that very direction. Democrats are standing today where they did then – in the wrong. Republicans, weak and divided, are getting a bit lonely defending the Biblical principles that were fought and died for again and again from 1776 to 2016.

Today it’s politically incorrect to distinguish a man from a woman, or ever decide what “gender” is. Or where you can safely take your granddaughter to the bathroom. Or, if you have a bakery can you bake the cake you want? If you own a pharmacy in Olympia, Washington be sure you sell abortion-inducing drugs or you’ll end up in court like the Stormans family. And my goodness, what if you say marriage is the union of one man and one woman. In fact now, if you speak against any left-wing “ideal” it’s “hate speech.” So I’m wondering what happened to “free speech” since it sure isn’t free if the Democratic Party tells you what you can say and what you can’t. And they do. Remember the last election, when they debated if God should be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance? Understand this, these people have usurped the freedoms of all Americans, not just those with strong religious beliefs.

Around the world Christians and Jews are being persecuted and murdered. In the small town of St. Cloud, Minnesota Christians are being stabbed in a peaceful shopping mall. Why? Because they don’t accept Islam. We are becoming a nation of victims in our own backyards. So I view this election differently than any election before it, at least in my lifetime. It’s our last chance. I have a plaque on my office wall that reads: “If a sailor does not know his port, no wind is favorable.” And a nation that cannot identify and embrace its own roots is likewise fated to wander the endless seas of doubt and decline.

The fact is, there can’t be any difference between politics and religion. One underpins the other, and without a strong religious foundation all human endeavor is doomed. Back when Democrats and Republicans were fairly similar, people actually identified less with political parties and more with the politicians. Often I heard the phrase, “I vote for the man, not the party.” Now, I haven’t heard this since the 1960s when left-wingers captured the Democratic Party and brought it to ruin.

For some reason, a great many people have ignored this sea change which destroyed the two-party system and radicalized society. Listening to political debates is more like watching two spoiled teen-agers engage in name-calling – the Jerry Springer Effect. Out of the four candidates running in the presidential race, I found Mike Pence to be the most statesmanlike. If he were the primary candidate it would be a simple choice. However, that is not the case and now we must decide on different criteria – and there’s plenty of it.

First, the Federal courts have come unhinged and fallen into fits of self-aggrandizement, subverting the role of elected officials to immorally make their own laws based on their often disgusting opinions. If Democrats win this election hundreds of leftist judges will be appointed. The free exercise of religion, speech, self-defense and honesty will give way to foolish political correctness and silly interpretations of Constitutional Law. Today, as in 1860, we need Republicans to stand up, appoint fair-minded and decent justices to the Supreme Court and lower courts. If Democrats win, our freedoms won’t be risked, they’ll be pulverized. The only reason they haven’t accomplished that already is because there was a balance holding them in check.

Second, our borders have collapsed. We were invaded by those who created 9/11 and all that has followed it. We need to hang a “No Vacancy” sign on Old Liberty for a few years until we can take control of our own country again, then accept immigration in good order as we always have in the past.

Third, in the Obama years we turned inward and reduced our military to a frightening low level that puts us at risk from nations like Iran with unlimited funds to seek our destruction – Billions of dollars of it given to them by Hillary, Obama and Democrats.

Fourth, freedom of religion must be restored and encouraged. Not long ago the most admired man in America was Billy Graham, a Christian preacher. Today, it’s probably Prince, a dead singer. Without the same religious values Americans cannot hope to succeed together as Americans. In some things we must be homogeneous. So the last, and very fundamental thing, is to return America to One Nation, Under God. If we don’t return to our roots, the tree of freedom dies.

So, those are the choices on the 8th of November, 2016, a date that will affect us all for the rest of our lives. We are Americans, and have rarely failed to make the tough choices. So take heart, and I’ll see you at the polls.




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