So What Can We Do Now?

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So What Can We Do Now?



The second “presidential” debate wasn’t much better than the first. Two rich people name-calling. She said he’s a “racist” and he said she’s a “liar.” Sounded to most people, I think, like a Jerry Springer episode of equally-matched low class combatants. The notion that either of these clowns could be President of the United States is a miserable testimony to the failure of our candidate selection process.

One is a millionaire – Hillary. The other is a billionaire – Trump. Now most Americans would likely embrace either financial circumstance. Let’s see, could I handle being just a millionaire or do I need a billion? Rich or really rich? Perhaps their riches are not of particular interest to most people struggling paycheck to paycheck. Few have time to worry about Hillary or Trump’s money. But I am saddened about their tax problems. Imagine having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes when you only make a few million or billion. Tell that to a single mom with three kids working two jobs and still paying thousands in taxes.

Now this isn’t the first time we’ve had the rich running for the presidency. In fact, some people claim that if you aren’t rich you might as well stay home. It takes money to get elected to almost anything. Trump and Hillary love money, but do we love them?

All this got me to wondering – how about a do-over?

Seriously, can’t we just dump Hillary and Donald and pick somebody else? Indiana Governor Mike Pence seems like a poised, honest, and statesmanlike guy who would suit Republicans. Stacey Abrams, Georgia House Minority Leader, and romance novelist is not the typical liberal and might have a broader appeal to traditional Democrats. But most important, members of either party wouldn’t have to be ashamed of them. And whoever won, would most likely be president of the “entire” country unlike Obama, who has the most narrow, prejudiced and provincial view of this country ever exhibited by any President in history. Leaving the nation at war and in dangerous debt, his Imperial Highness Barack can at last make his final speech, another long-winded, boring tale of his many triumphs.

But I would even delay that for a do-over on the upcoming election. It’s not often that anyone, let alone the American electorate, can see the future clearly. There is no doubt, no discussion or mystery to what will be our fate with either of these so-called Presidential candidates. Donald will stick both feet in his mouth and swallow. Hillary will face an urgent crisis and send emails to her pals for a couple days until everybody is dead. Neither of these people are qualified. Fire them now and start over. Trump likes to see people fired anyway. It might be fun to see how he likes it.

So here’s the plan: Congress suspends the election for the remainder of the year. During that time Republicans and Democrats have to submit one each presidential candidate. Republicans cannot put forth the name of Donald Trump and Democrats cannot submit Hillary Clinton. New candidates only. The election is held December 31 and the new president takes office January 1, 2017. Obama is done.

What’s wrong with this idea? Too short a campaign time. Opps…how’s that wrong? There is no reason citizens of this nation should be dictated to by partisan politics. Did we the people choose these candidates – Trump and Clinton? No. We did not. If the two political parties, who made this mess, can’t straighten it out in a few days and give us honest, decent and qualified people to vote for, then they should be declared incompetent to represent a free people, and be disbanded for reason of uselessness and hostility to the public good. In other words, fire ‘em. Fire Trump and Hillary too.

This action would set a new precedent for the nation and put the rich, the powerful and political hacks on notice – we are the people. We also have the ultimate power. We just need to use it.

One thing I suppose people will hold against me for this solution to our dilemma – poor Hillary and Donald. They’ve spent so much time and money – mostly other people’s money – to get themselves elected and now we just cast them aside. I shouldn’t admit this, but that’s my favorite part. Never having to listen or watch the two of them again seems to me a freeing, exhilarating prospect. Sort of like freedom. What a concept.

I don’t care what happens to Hillary and Donald. I just want them to go away.



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